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How it works

AgX is developing a smart collar that uses GPS and muscle control to move, contain and monitor the biometrics of your cattle. Create and break your fence-lines from your phone to utilise untapped pasture.

Our patent pending technology uses tactile sensation and involuntary muscle control to digitally build physical fences without the harm of an electric shock.

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Our support team is available 24/7.
AUS: +61 420 942 684
USA: +1 646 645-6884

No need for any base stations

We work off CAT-M1 and satellite networks to deliver cost effective and reliable communication in the most remote environments.

Less stress for the cow

Instead of fencing cows through high voltage shocks, we use our tactile technology to create physical boundaries and control muscle movement.


We understand farmers work on small margins and our mission is to deliver affordable and effective technology. Pricing starts at $6/head/month ($0 setup). Chat to us to learn more.

Move mobs with our app

Not only are you able to move, contain and monitor your livestock, but manage your entire operation. Our smart spreadsheet system is perfect for all farms, from mob to individual livestock management.

It also works without the collars - trial it today.

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